Ivory Hills Stable, LLC

751 State Highway 128

Wilson, Wisconsin 54027



At Ivory Hills Stable we pride ourselves in topnotch care and strive to provide every amenity horses and owners love! A few of the things you can enjoy with stall board:

- Private locked/climate controlled tack rooms

- Spacious well lit and bedded stalls cleaned daily

- Feed program designed for each individual horse

- Daily medication/Supplements

- Daily turnout (weather permitting) in large paddocks

- No more then 2-3 horses per paddock

- Private turn out options

- Blanketing

- Easy access to farrier, vet, chiropractic, etc.

Lean Too

If you want a little more personalized care than the pasture offers but not in need of a stall, check out our lean too pens! These large areas are half covered, dirt floor pens that are designed to keep horses safe while allowing them to enjoy the outdoors 24/7. When boarded in the lean too areas you will have a list of things to choose from to personalize your horses care, here are a few of them:

- Personalized feed program

- Private/Semi private turnout

- Scheduling/holding for farrier/vet

- Blanketing

- Daily medication/Supplements


Just 2 miles off of I-94 we have acres of pasture with an abundance of lush grass and 24/7 access to fresh water and top quality hay. We offer 2 large pastures so we can assist with herd happiness and place the horses into a pasture after careful consideration. There are lots of amenities to enjoy with pasture board:

- Access to indoor and outdoor riding areas

- Hot/cold wash rack

- Locked/climate controlled tack room

- Safe 4 tier electric fencing

- Natural wooded acreage for shelter